• A Guide to a Career As a Security Guard

    A career as a security guard is both routine and hazardous. Although most security guard positions require a high school diploma, video surveillance experience is advantageous. Some jobs require a security guard to register with the state, and some may even require a background check and drug test. The following article will discuss the job duties and requirements. Also, learn about the working environment and salary. Interested in this career? Continue reading to find out how to get started.

    Job duties

    The job duties of a security guard range from monitoring the entry of buildings and premises to responding to alarms. Security guards are responsible for preventing theft and terrorism by monitoring visitors and employees, checking windows and doors for broken glass, and keeping track of the movement of workers and visitors. They must also be able to report incidents of theft and act quickly in an emergency. To be a successful security guard, it is imperative that the person performing the job understands the job description in detail.

    The job of a security guard can vary greatly, but in general, security officers must maintain order and monitor property. In some settings, security guards are stationed in one location and watch over closed-circuit security feeds. These guards may be responsible for monitoring the entrance and exit of employees, or for assessing certain activities, such as taking drugs or damaging property. Other security guards work in a mobile capacity, patrolling buildings on foot or by vehicle. A security guard's daily report is used by clients to determine how much damage has occurred and whether further action is necessary.

    Training requirements

    Illinois recognizes a number of security professionals in a number of roles, varying with their employment situation. Private security contractors are required to be licensed and registered in Illinois, and they must have supervisory experience in addition to having a firearm control card. The licensing and registration requirements differ for private security contractors as they must pay a higher fee. Applicants for an endorsement of a firearm must have at least eight hours of training in that specific weapon, or must obtain additional training in the use of a nonlethal electronic device or explosives.

    Utah's new licensing requirements are intended to address this issue. The new requirements will help companies save time and money when hiring candidates, while also requiring security guards to continue their education. As security officers increasingly occupy positions of trust, more training is necessary. In the wake of a recent murder, the state licensing board listened to public input to make these new laws. The new law will make training mandatory for security guards less than eight hours and increase the ongoing training requirements for security officers to 32 hours every two years.


    There are many different salaries for security guards. Many entry-level jobs pay close to minimum wage. Your earning potential is largely dependent on the location and employer of your job. In general, the more experience you have, the higher your salary. Below is a guide to security guard salaries. You can expect to earn between $10 per hour and $20 an hour. Depending on the level of security you are entrusted with, you could earn anywhere from $15 to $20 an hour.

    A security guard is responsible for monitoring and patrolling premises. They may also operate metal detectors and x-ray equipment. Security guards are distinct from Police Officers and Transportation Security Screeners. For a comprehensive list of Security Guard industries, use the Create Customized Tables function. Once you have completed the table, you can view the salary and benefits for all security guard positions. The table below includes all of the industries that employ security guards.

    Work environment

    If you're looking for a career as a security guard, you'll want to consider what makes the best work environment for this profession. As a security guard, you'll be dealing with both employees and customers, and your interactions can either be positive or negative. Because security guards are often the first people a customer will see, they're the ones who will create the first impression. Because of this, it's important to have good communication skills. It's also important to listen well and speak clearly.

    A good security guard should be able to observe and solve problems quickly. This way, they'll minimize disruptions to other employees and operations. Ultimately, this job is all about keeping your workforce safe. You'll be responsible for ensuring the workplace is safe and secure for everyone, and security guards are essential to ensuring that employees are productive and safe. Therefore, there are many different ways a security guard can work, and finding one that's right for you will be the best option for you.

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